Maple, Geometer's Sketchpad and MatLab Related Sources

Maple Related Sources

Maple Related Sources (from Stat/Math Center, The Indiana University)

Maple Application Center (from Waterloo Maple Software Inc)

Maple Worksheets (Saint Louis University)

Cryptography and coding theory with MAPLE page

Maple bilingual Web Sites (University of Texas, San Antonio)

 Maple User Group Answers (downloaded file)

Institutions and Departments using Maple V in Education

 Maple Advisor Database (by Prof. Robert B. Israel at University of British Columbia)

Maple V Application Center (dynamic collection of solutions to real world problems)

Educational Material: Computer Algebra Software-CAIN Europe

Maple Worksheets on Differential Geometry and Multivariable Calculus

Maple Web Sites

Computer - Algebra in Baden-Wurttemberg Projekt MathCom

Mathematik Mit Maple im World Wide Web

ACE-An Algebraic Combinatorics Environment for the computer system MAPLE

 AIM(Alice Interactive Mathematics)- a web-based system designed to administer graded tests with mathematical content.

Geometer's Sketchpad Related Sources

Geometer's Sketchpad Related Resources (from Swarthmore)

Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Center (Technical Support, On Line Activity Guide, JavaSketchpad DR3Bibliography)

Cabri 와 GSP의 비교 (수학사랑에서 제공한 자료)

MatLab Related Sources

MatLab Related Sources (from Stat/Math Center, The Indiana University)

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