The programs below are free samples developed by IES Inc., Japan. Those programs are animation oriented and used for visualization of mathematical ideas. We plan to release software packages for high school and middle school students including those programs in the near future. Enjoy with your students.

System Requirements

It requires Windows 95 and java-capable browser such as Netscape 2.0 higher or Explorer 3.0 higher. Just copy all files to your hard disk and open "index.html" using your web browser's "File" menu. You need about 1Mb free disk space.

IES Web Site

Take a look at our web site;
The site has over 50 applets, and is updated once a week. Product information will be included at the site.


Transformation of a Triangle

Pythagoras Theorem

Sum of Outer Angles


Sine Box

The graph of y=sin x

y=a sin x + b cos x


Derivative of Sine

Volume of a Solid

Volume of a Solid of Revolution

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